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26th March 2024

Why is Tottenham Foodbank campaigning?

Since our opening in November 2019, the demand for our service has continued to grow exponentially and we’re seeing more and more clients present with complex and challenging issues that keep them reliant and dependent on our food bank. Many of the issues our clients are presenting with are systemic issues that contribute to the cycle of food insecurity and poverty in our community. We believe that campaigning is a vital tool we can use to advocate for change, raise awareness and ultimately create a more equitable society where everyone has access to the basics such as food, housing and a fit for purpose social security system.

How have we decided what we will campaign on locally?

Empowering our clients to use their voices and share their stories for change lies at the heart of our approach. We firmly believe that those with lived experience are invaluable partners in creating impactful campaigns. 

We organised a focus group where clients shared their experiences and insights, helping us to identify the most pressing issues in our local community. Through open dialogue, 1 on 1 sessions and collaborative discussions as a team, we narrowed down our focus to key areas where change is urgently needed.

Our campaigning efforts are not just about raising awareness, they are about amplifying the voices of those directly affected and working together to drive meaningful change. By centering the perspectives of our clients, we strive to create campaigns that are authentic, inclusive, and truly representative of the challenges faced by our community.

What issue have we selected to campaign on?

We have decided to direct our efforts towards campaigning for improvements in housing conditions, particularly addressing housing disrepair in our borough. We understand that many individuals and families in our community are living in substandard housing conditions, facing issues such as damp, mould, infestation and structural deficiencies.

Everyone deserves safe and healthy living conditions, as housing quality directly impacts overall well-being and food security. Through our campaign we seek to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of housing disrepair on individuals and families, while also calling for action from local authorities and housing providers to prioritise the maintenance and upkeep for properties in our borough.

How can you help?

Campaigning is a monumental task, especially for a foodbank of our size. However, with more hands and diverse skills, our ability to create a powerful and impactful campaign significantly improves. 

We’re particularly looking for volunteers who possess excellent research and data skills, as well as those who can support us in collecting stories and case studies from clients at the food bank. Your involvement is crucial to our success in advocating for lasting change in our community. 

Join our Campaigns team today and be part of creating a brighter future for those in need. Contact Eniola at [email protected] to explore how you can make a difference.

Monica’s Story

Monica turned to us for emergency food support during a challenging time in her life. Monica is a survivor of domestic violence, bravely navigating life as a single parent to her four children. Concerns for her safety meant that Monica was relocated to Haringey and she had hoped this would be a fresh start and safe environment for her family.

The house she was placed in was riddled with bed bugs, posing a serious threat to her family’s well-being. Despite her desperate pleas for help, Monica found herself facing a daunting battle with the infestation, with little support from her housing provider. Despite her resilience and determination, Monica found herself overwhelmed and in need of assistance beyond emergency food support. Our campaigns team and Tenant’s Advice have been supporting Monica to get the help she needs. Unfortunately Monica is not alone and wants to share her story to raise awareness of the devastation housing disrepair can cause.

“From the minute we moved here, my children started itching. One of my children has been bitten so badly, from head to toe. She’s been telling people at school that she has eczema. The bed bugs are crawling on my walls, crawling all over my children, they’re everywhere. My children can’t come out of the house without me checking their clothes. This is no way for them to live. They’re being bitten on their face. I need help. It’s been so hard on our mental health. I’ve left a violent relationship and I’m trying my hardest to get back on my feet. It feels like every step I’m being knocked back as if I’m the one who has done something wrong.”


*Please note names and other identifiable information have been changed to protect the anonymity of our client*

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