When Tottenham Foodbank opened in November 2019, little did we know that a global pandemic was around the corner.

Since March 2020, demand for our service has increased by +300%. We expect this to continue to increase during 2021.

Many of our clients are elderly, disabled or 'newly hungry' (previously having comfortable incomes, which have been lost due to the economic impact of the pandemic).

Real Client Stories

“The foodbank was a lifesaver.” Your support is helping us to change lives.

About our Foodbank Network

The Trussell Trust supports communities and churches to open foodbanks across the UK.

About our foodbank

We're a grassroots food aid organisation, based in Tottenham's iconic Victorian Town Hall...

How foodbanks work

Providing emergency food to people in crisis.

Complaints and Feedback

Tottenham Foodbank is committed to delivering a high standard of service to anyone who engages...